The Right to Bare Arms....Beach-Style...

As my husband and I just recently booked our vacation to the beach this summer, it prompted me to think about the whole ‘beach body ready’ concept…and this is what I came up with….

'Beach Body, not sorry' is a GREAT campaign in my eyes as a way to raise awareness to what some people say is beach acceptable or what is the meaning of your body getting and being ‘beach ready’ anyway?. This country's belief is that beach ready or beach body is a very thin body, maybe perhaps even an athletic six pack abs body….there’s even a diet plan that is named Beachbody which has it’s own diet plan and protein shakes that promises to help one achieve a ‘beach body ready’ look....I mean seriously....Don’t we have enough to worry about at the beach besides who is going to see us in our swimsuits as we lug tents, coolers, blankets, toys, radios, etc back and forth daily? Also the whole sunscreen to prevent skin cancer issue should trump the issue 'if the 20 something frat boys see you in your beach attire'….Look, the point here is that if you feel like you have to wait until you have the 'perfect body' to do something like go to the beach or the pool, how long do you plan on waiting?

As Swimsuits For All launched their campaign that encourages women to embrace their bodies on the beach, I would like to take some time to reinforce their message to all of you! Swimsuits For All is a plus size online swimwear shop with a great slogan “Beach Body. Not Sorry” and it features the gorgeous Denise Bidot as their ‘not sorry’ model. In her campaign, she explains in a short video how she has learned to love what she used to think were imperfections: “I love everything about my body…the stretch marks, everything that I thought was an imperfection I now realize is what makes me, me”…She also has encouraged all women to be: “apologetically you!”…WELL said! Those stretch marks, those freckles, those laugh lines and wrinkles are a testament of a great life we are living and the fact that we are STILL living and able to enjoy our toes in the sand should be applauded. And, maybe you can end up teaching those frat boys on vacation how to REALLY play beer pong! Flaunt it and show them what you got!!

*Beach Disclaimer: Certainly, for some, 'natural' also means having leg hair, armpit hair, even pubic hair, which is all good for sure,....(But please don’t show your butt hair, I think 99.9% of us would agree on that statement)…Ask my husband about a story related to that during his single senior trip week back in the day...;)

Click below to check out a Swimsuits For All video campaign!!

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